Jenifer Notingham

  • Trump’s Bizarre Press Conference Is Followed Up By Even Weirder Email

    President Trump has just held his first ever solo press conference, and as you’d expect, it was an incredibly heated affair. The conference was full of false claims and contradictions along with seemingly endless accusations of the media’s reporting of fake news, and claims about the media’s dishonesty. A prime example of Trump contradicting himself within the […]

  • George W. Bush Professes His Adoration For Michelle Obama, And No One Is Surprised

    Former Republican President George W. Bush was often castigated by Democrats during his presidency for his perceived right wing policy bias and occasional blunders that became a trademark of his presidency. It seems he couldn’t be more different from socially conscious former First Lady Michelle Obama. Some will recall an interview with George W. Bush, conducted […]

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  • Christmas Thieves Get Pranked Hard With Exploding Boobytrapped Packages

    Come on guys, did you really have to ruin Christmas? I mean, commercialism and cynicism might have already taken their toll on the authenticity of Yuletide celebrations, but seriously? If the above comes across as the unfounded, baseless ramblings of a madman, let me explain a bit further. This year, a selection of thieves, rogues, […]

  • Navy Releases Solid Evidence Of UFO Captured On Video

    The Chilean Navy have released a nine-minute video of an Unidentified Flying Object to the public, in an unprecedented move by government officials, who prefer to keep UFO sightings under wraps instead of spreading panic and encouraging fanatics.  The footage was captured on November 11th, 2014, by a Chilean Naval helicopter, and for the last […]

  • Barack Obama With Kids Vs. Donald Trump With Kids

    President Barack Obama is so good at being a father that some people have begun affectionately referring to him as “President Dad”. Photos of Obama holding various babies are enough to make the coldest of hearts melt, even if you know that really, it’s all one big PR stunt. Donald Trump, by comparison, said about his […]

  • New Evidence Suggests Iceberg Was Not The Only Cause Of Titanic Sinking

    Everyone knows the plot of Titanic, right? Leonardo DiCaprio charms the pants off Kate Winslet and draws her in the nude whilst on an ocean-liner, which then hits an iceberg and sinks, taking Leo’s life with it. Of course, the film is based on the very real events of April 1921 when RMS Titanic sink en route […]

  • Official Video Emerges That Proves All Pixar Movies Are Linked

    If you’re a child of the 90’s like me, then Pixar will hold a very special place in your heart. Founded back in 1979 by George Lucas as “The Graphics Group” before spinning-off into a separate corporation with help from Steve Jobs in 1986, Pixar is one of the iconic founders of digital animation – […]

  • Guy Secretly Living In A Storage Unit Shows Off His Crazy Setup

    A Reddit user who goes by the name 007craft has posted a video showing a storage unit, which he claims to have converted into a home. According to him, he found himself in a tight spot after returning from his travels. “I had just came back from hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and found myself […]

  • This Optical Illusion Hidden In Painting From 1533 Is Super Creepy

    Most people will say that art is subjective, and for the most part they’re right. There are, however, some pieces out there that have stood the test of time. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, perhaps the most famous painting in the world, was painted in the early 1500s. Michelangelo’s Birth of Adam was painted around […]