Watch The Moment This Farmer Realised His Old Blanket Was Worth An Absolute Fortune

Every item in your home has a story. To the uninitiated, the stuff lying around a home might just be random miscellany. To the owner of the objects however, a saucepan or chair might be the saucepan they made their first meal with, or the chair their father sat in when they were a child. Personal value can be found in even the most worthless objects. But sometimes, those items are worth actual money alongside their cherished sentimental value.
The concept of an antiques show is that people might have expensive antiques from bygone eras gathering dust in their attic or basement, willing to be valued. Most of the time, somebody appearing on an antiques show usually expects to sell their antique, but the sum earned is rarely substantial. When this elderly man named Ted appeared on Antiques Roadshow with his grandmother’s blanket, he had no idea of its true value.