John Cena Says His Favorite Thing To Eat Is Nikki Bella In Hilarious Interview

There’s nothing like a good dirty joke, is there? Crudely referring to human excrement or genitalia for the express purpose of getting a laugh is the backbone of many a friendship, and although some people decide once they have a job or a family that they won’t make such a joke ever again, most people can’t help but giggle when someone makes a cheeky innuendo. Otherwise, why would Barney Stinson or the Todd be such lovable characters?
Of course, like most we get up to as humans, there’s a time and place for everything. There are some situations that do not call for a dirty joke. It would be frowned upon, even, to open your gutter-mouth in certain situations. Your acceptance speech at the Oscars. A trip to your urologist or gynecologist. A Q&A session with a young child. For most of us, making a dirty joke would be an awful thing to do, but most of us aren’t John Cena. Arguably the coolest wrestler wrestling today, John was taking questions alongside the female tag team known as the Bella twins, consisting of Brie and Nikki. Fun fact: John and Nikki are dating. So when a young boy asks John what his favorite food is, John’s answer is not exactly appropriate.Turn to the next page for the awkward moment.