Guy Drops A Camera 134 Meters Below The Ocean’s Surface And The Video Shows Nature’s Pure Savagery

I’ve seen enough episodes of Blue Planet to know that the deep sea is something to be feared. For one, it’s pitch black. For another, it will perpetually remain so. Thank goodness we’re not able to see those tentacled creatures found at the darkest depths of the ocean in their natural habitat. It’s probably for the best; since they look like the stuff of nightmares.
I firmly believe that Hollywood looks to the depths of the ocean for their terrifying monsters. There are all manner of freaky-looking critters thriving underwater that look 100 times worse than the creepiest space alien from your imagination. There’s a reason they’re kept so far away from humanity, after all.

If, unlike me, you’re still feeling unaccountably chill about the various ugly undersea creatures, then I’m here to ensure that you panic instead. These scaly monsters are nightmare-inducing, and the whole world needs to know about it. If you ever thought that squid were harmless cephalopods, then think again. They’re anything but!