George W. Bush Professes His Adoration For Michelle Obama, And No One Is Surprised

Former Republican President George W. Bush was often castigated by Democrats during his presidency for his perceived right wing policy bias and occasional blunders that became a trademark of his presidency. It seems he couldn’t be more different from socially conscious former First Lady Michelle Obama.
Some will recall an interview with George W. Bush, conducted by Fox News presenter Sean Hannity, in which the host asked the former President why he would not comment on or criticise the then President, Barack Obama. His reply?

“I don’t think it’s good for the country to have a former President undermine a current President, I think it’s bad for the presidency, for that matter.”
Bush also noted that he has no desire for publicity, explaining at the time that the only reason he gave interview like the Hannity one is because he had a new book coming out.