Couples Share Their ‘Dirty Talk’ Approach Between The Sheets Because Internet

Read any sex advice column, and they’ll tell you that communication is an integral part of having sex. I mean, if Cosmopolitan is recommending it, it’s gotta be good advice, right?  It’s always important to let your other half know what is working and what isn’t, as well as letting them know that thing they do with their tongue isn’t hitting the (G) spot.
Although it’s all well and good to heed the advice that talking dirty is beneficial in the bedroom, it may be hard to implement it. No one wants to force out a faux-orgasm-sigh, nor does anyone want to repeat the phrase “Oh, that’s so good.”

The Cut has decided to go one step further and asked couples to discuss their sexual chit-chat whilst on camera. Understandably, there’s a lot of awkward laughter and uncomfortable eye contact, as well as one couple that is slightly too comfortable talking about their sex life on camera.