Christmas Thieves Get Pranked Hard With Exploding Boobytrapped Packages

Come on guys, did you really have to ruin Christmas? I mean, commercialism and cynicism might have already taken their toll on the authenticity of Yuletide celebrations, but seriously?
If the above comes across as the unfounded, baseless ramblings of a madman, let me explain a bit further. This year, a selection of thieves, rogues, and misfits have set their sights on the holiday season. While we were all preoccupied with Christmas, scouring e-commerce sites and listening to that one Mariah Carey song on repeat, some people were swooping when we were most vulnerable. This has culminated in scams, identity theft and the tried-and-tested method of just straight up stealing presents from virtually underneath the Christmas tree. It’s an outrage.

Luckily, where humanity shows its worst is also where it tends to show its best, and a couple of pranksters have come up with a pretty innovative way to ward off thieves this Christmas. The YouTube channel TwinzTV is getting into the holiday spirit of gift-giving, with a tragic twist that should deter the would-be thieves who think they can take advantage of our Christmas cheer.Turn to the next page to see some holiday thieves get pranked!