He Was Having A Normal Day Gardening When THIS Happened. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Baby…

It’s really amazing to realize how many wild animals we share this beautiful planet with. While we don’t usually get the chance to get too close to them, from time to time we’ll share an interaction that’s truly incredible and even a little bit bizarre!

A man was busy getting his backyard ready for a new gardenhe had been thinking about all winter. It was a beautiful spring afternoon and he really loved the smell of the Earth as he tilled the soil.

But within moments, it seems that someone else was quite interested in this man’s garden. A beautiful and young American robin swooped in and instantly demanded some food.

The man and his son hadn’t even seen the upturned earthworms that he had surfaced, but within a few seconds this little baby bird began gobbling up everything she could get her beak on. They say “the early bird catches the worm,” but this bird didn’t even have to work, humans were doing that for her!

The bird showed how young she was by even allowing the human to hand feed her. This is honestly a very odd video to watch, she’s just so comfortable around humans.

This little bird must have been hungry, and while we hate to see worms get eaten up, we’d rather be seeing them go into the belly of a hungry baby than see them used for fishing or science experiments. And if you had the chance to feed a baby robin, wouldn’t you do the same?

Check out the silly video below!

Written by Dorathy Blues

Dorathy is a freelance writer from Arkansas, US