He Lines Up $35.50 In Pennies On A Black Table. 10 Hours Later? This Is BRILLIANT!

This incredible Do It Yourself project is so unique and interesting to watch that it will inspire just about anyone to go to the bank and change out a bunch of cash in order to get rolls and rolls of fresh pennies!

At first it seems like this creative crew are just revamping an old and beat-up table. While that’s certainly fine with us, it doesn’t seem like it was worth making an actual video for. But within a few seconds, it becomes clear that this project really and truly is “original” in every sense of the word.

It took the surprisingly large amount of around 3,500 pennies to pull this off, but after putting all of the pennies in order, it really turns out to be quite an interesting piece of furniture. And to make matters even more impressive, you can tell all of your friends how you made it. Not bad for $35!

Our favorite part was the glaze coat they slowly poured all over the pennies, because there was something so satisfying about seeing them all the next morning encased in such a beautiful way.

Let us know if you would do this amazing project in your own home? Would you put all the pennies face up, tails up, or would you let the odds make that decision? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Dorathy Blues

Dorathy is a freelance writer from Arkansas, US