Cancer Survivor Meets The Mystery Donor Who Saved Her Life

Thanks to an incredible stranger, 41-year-old Angela Kearns is alive today and was finally able to meet the hero who changed her life forever. Back in 2012, Kearns was diagnosed with acute leukemia for a second time and needed a bone marrow transplant, which required a perfect donor match. Her family worried it might not be possible.

Enter Matthew Sabongi. The medical student had enrolled in a bone marrow program, without giving it much thought. That is until doctors called him and said he was the perfect match for Kearns. Of course, he jumped at the chance to help someone else.

This incredible stranger saved Kearns’ life and meant she’d be able to heal and raise her two sons. She is forever grateful to her donor — and now, after years of recovery, she finally got to meet her donor. Theiremotional meeting was caught on camera, as Kearns hugged Sabongi for the first time and thanked him.

“You go into medical school hoping that someday you’d be able to save somebody’s life,” Sabongi told CBS 2. “I may never save somebody’s life as a doctor but I know I did that before I even finished med school.”

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Written by Dorathy Blues

Dorathy is a freelance writer from Arkansas, US