The Strangest Animals You Will Ever See!

Planet earth is home to an unbelievable amount of life. From the depths of the ocean to high above the planet’s tallest mountains there is an an incredible amount of life that most people will never have the opportunity to see. We scoured the internet to find some of the strangest, most unbelievable life that exists!


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The Panda Ant

This tiny creature is a member of the Mutillidae family. While it looks like strange cross between a panda and an ant, it’s actually a wingless, female wasp! They are mostly found in Chile and are known as “killer cows” because of their excruciatingly painful sting!




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The Aye-aye is a tiny primate found in Madagascar. This nocturnal creature looks like the child of a bat and koala bear! They have protruding rodent like teeth and creepily long, think fingers to help them forage. The Aye-aye was discovered in 1780 and is currently listed as an endangered species.






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The Axolotl is a native to Mexico and is a relative to the Salamander. Similar to the starfish, these cute little water creatures are able to regenerate most of their body parts! Strangely, these odd little creatures are commonly found as pets in the United States, Japan and Australia.




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The Mirror Spider

This creepy crawler has a genius disguise. Although it may look similar to a disco ball, its decorative patches are not just for fun. When a predator or prey looks their way, they are blinded by the light reflected from the mirror spider’s patches, making this the ultimate disguise.




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Banded Piglet Squid

The Piglet Squid lives deep beneath the surface of the ocean. They are very small, usually not surpassing 10 cm in length. They are mostly clear with speckles of pigment. The squid featured in this photo appears to be smiling because of the shape made by his pigment. The tentacles on their heads look similar to curls, giving it even more of a gentle, cute appearance!